Connect with fellow foodies, family, and friends.

Curate your own experiences or share them with your social circle. You can also see what places your friends have been exploring and saving, so you can check them out for yourself.

Save check-Ins

Check-in to places with your friends,
and save photos and notes — all the
things that make dining out memorable,
fun, and important.


Look back on your birthday dinner from
last year or from that special vacation spot.
You can search by place, who you ate with,
or tags, and remember all the good times.

Create Lists

Have go-to places for hot dates or dumplings?
Create lists to organize all of them. Make them public
or keep them private for just you and your circle.

Bookmark new places

Going on vacation to Italy this Summer?
Or want to hit all of Bobby Flay’s restaurants?
Save all those recommendations and organize
them into lists for future visits.


Forget that place with giant meatballs
you went to last year? Or that new Thai place
you’ve been meaning to try? Filters can help you
find places, whether you’ve been there or not.

Share recommendations

Do people constantly ask you for recommendations?
Easily share your wisdom with them, whether it’s one place
or an entire list. [Coming soon!]


Why Finny?

We’ve all experienced the need to save and organize all of our dining experiences and recommendations we come across, whether it’s from our family, friends, or food bloggers.
With Finny, you can curate your own dining experiences so you can return to the places you love and save all the new places you can’t wait to try out.

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